Sample Questions for High-level Goals

Excellence in research and scholarship:

  • What are the most important research initiatives the university should prioritize to maintain and grow our societal impact over the next decade?
  • Graduate students are a critical part of our research enterprise. What strategies should we implement to recruit and support graduate students and to strengthen our graduate programs?
  • What strategies should we implement to nurture and support collaborative, transdisciplinary and community-engaged research that addresses complex global challenges?

A superior education for our students:

  • How should our approaches to undergraduate education evolve over the next decade to ensure that we are best preparing students for the world they will face after graduation?
  • What strategies should we implement to provide more active and experiential learning opportunities for our students?

Financial and infrastructural sustainability:

  • In an era when revenue from tuition and state support is limited, what strategies should the university follow to financially support our aspirations? How can we enhance revenue? What improvements in efficiency should be made? Are there things we should stop doing or cut back on?
  • What should be our highest priorities for investments in the physical infrastructure of the campus?

High visibility and public impact:

  • UCD aspires to have the greatest possible positive impact on our region. What strategies should be adopted to maximize that impact?
  • What could we be doing to increase the visibility of the university regionally, nationally and globally?

A culture that supports diversity in every dimension:

  • What are the most impactful strategies we should be implementing to support equity, inclusion and diversity at UC Davis?
  • What are the most effective actions that should be prioritized to accelerate our progress towards having the campus population (students, staff, faculty) reflect the demographics of the population we serve?
  • What strategies can the campus adopt to build a supportive and strong foundation for the diverse community that we are creating?
  • What strategies should we follow to best support our campus commitment to the Principles of Community?

Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • Are there strategies the university should be implementing to accelerate the rate at which our scholarship and discoveries are translated into products and services that benefit society?

Leadership in addressing complex global challenges:

  • What strategies can we implement to facilitate exchange and collaborations regionally, nationally and internationally to create, educate, and innovate in solving global challenges?


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