Strategic Plan Goal 3

Strategic Plan Goal 3

Embrace diversity, practice inclusive excellence and strive for equity. Make UC Davis a place of excellence for learning and working by supporting a culture that values the contributions and aspirations of all our students, staff and faculty; promotes wellness and a culture of sustainability; and cultivates the open interchange of ideas.



  • Identify, attract, retain, and graduate a diverse student body
  • Identify, attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff
  • Advance a climate that fosters inclusive excellence
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in all of our research, teaching, public service, and training on campus and in neighboring communities
  • Ensure accountability to diversity and inclusion efforts on campus and in serving neighboring communities



  • Create new programs to educate students about the nature and benefits of freedom of speech and free exchange of ideas
  • Provide more opportunities for staff, students and faculty to develop stronger support networks and familiarity with each other through organized events that bring people together from across campus and across the causeway
  • Encourage a culture of wellness on campus
  • Address the mental health needs of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Enhance the physical environment to better accommodate students, staff and faculty with physical challenges and disabilities
  • Improve the physical environment to improve safety, convenience and morale
  • Strengthen relationships and collaborate with local, community, regional, state, national and global partners to build outreach and recruitment pipelines to the rest of the world
  • Encourage a culture of sustainability and take pride in our identity as a green university
  • Reduce our carbon footprint through updated waste streams, creative upcycling of post-consumer materials, and an increase reliance on renewable energy



  • Addressing affordability
  • Support for student communities
  • Cultural awareness and inclusion
  • Summer transition program for transfer students
  • Supporting access and success for veterans
  • Creation of a central testing center for accommodating student needs



  • Support and expand the new “ENVISION UC Davis” program to increase the diversity of the pool of graduate students and prospective faculty
  • Institute a more robust program for sharing best practices in recruitment of graduate and professional students from diverse backgrounds
  • Explore factors that impact the acceptance of underrepresented minority students into the graduate and professional programs, such as the increased use of “holistic review” to offset possible effects of unconscious bias in screening applications and the role of the GRE and other standardized test scores in admission decisions
  • Support the Mentoring at Critical Transitions program in the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Global Affairs will work with graduate programs across the university to increase the pool of qualified under-represented international students via our Global Centers and by expanding access to fellowship funding



  • Advancement and retention
  • Managerial and supervisory training
  • Salary equity



  • Metrics from the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Vision
    • demographics of eligibility pools, applicants, and enrollments for students
    • student persistence measures (e.g. 2nd-year retention, GPA, progress toward degree)
    • distribution of financial aid and grants
    • demographics of availability, hiring pools and hires for staff and faculty
    • retention and turnover rates for staff and faculty
    • rates of advancement for all demographic groups
    • staff and faculty diversity
    • equity in salary
  • Managerial and supervisorial training participation rates
  • Campus climate and satisfaction (based on surveys including UC Undergraduate Experience Survey, CUCSA Staff Engagement Survey, COACHE Faculty Engagement Survey)
  • Progress towards meeting the goals of the UC Sustainable Practices Policy