Strategic Plan

To Boldly Go: ‘Imagine UC Davis 10 Years From Now’

“What would our university look like? Who would you want us to be? How could we achieve your vision?” This is what Chancellor Gary S. May is asking in the video below, encouraging the campus community’s participation in the university’s strategic planning effort, “To Boldly Go.”

The Steering Committee working with Chancellor May to assemble a strategic plan for the next decade at UC Davis welcomes your input regarding the draft strategic plan.

After reading the draft plan, please submit your feedback by July 9th. If you include your email address (optional), we may use it to follow up with you should further clarification be necessary.

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The plan “will serve as our guide to get where we want to be,” May says. “This is where you come in. We’re looking for your input. Tell us your highest-level ideas that could push us to fulfill our mission in the most creative and bold ways.”

Ken Burtis, faculty advisor to the chancellor and provost, and co-chair of the strategic plan steering committee, said: “We’re encouraging all who care about UC Davis to get excited about and get involved in helping the university define what we’ll become over the coming decade.

“This will be an effort that will need engagement from our community across the world to succeed.”



Rachael E. Goodhue, chair of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, said in an email to faculty: “I am confident that upcoming strategic planning will be well served by faculty who offer fresh ideas and ask tough questions. And in the process, I hope we as a campus build our future on the foundation of shared governance that has supported our past.”

‘Creative and bold ideas’

“UC Davis is a powerful education, research and public service force working to make the world a better place,” May said when he launched the strategic planning process. “With all of our strengths, however, we remain a sleeping giant. I’m asking the collective community to come together and contribute creative and bold ideas that will propel us to accomplish things we’ve only dreamed of in the past.”

See the Draft Strategic Plan    Submit your feedback