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UC Davis Aggie Square Horizontal Logo/MarkAggie Square will serve as a collaborative technology and innovation campus that leverages the university’s strengths to become the catalyst for economic change, creates jobs, and helps spur economic vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods and the broader Sacramento region. It will serve as a model public-private partnership, increasing technology transfer and creating equitable opportunities for residents in the community and region. It will support new jobs at a variety of education levels.

Building on the strengths of UC Davis and economic leverage of the City of Sacramento, the potential for public-private partners includes the areas of life sciences, food systems, mobility, government and civic technology, and arts and communications.

The city of Sacramento and UC Davis are both underestimated assets with tremendous upside potential.


UC Davis Aggie Square Mockup
Aggie Square will consist of a variety of components, which could include academic programs, incubator space, retail and more. This rendering shows the area designated for the campus, including a current UC Davis Health office (pictured at the bottom right corner) that could later become part of Aggie Square.


Location on a Map of where UC Davis Aggie Square will be located
The site identified as the future location of Aggie Square is on the campus of UC Davis Health in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood, near Second Avenue and Stockton Boulevard.

Aggie Square, a state-of-the-art live/learn/work/play environment that is exceptionally conductive to collaboration, might consist of some of the following components:

  • Academic programs
  • Collaborative space for academic research
  • Collaborative space for alumni, student and faculty art to be displayed
  • UC extension/professional education
  • Incubator/accelerator space
  • Landing space for corporate and community partner activities
  • Housing developments for UC Davis students, faculty and/or staff
  • Amenities and retail (including student housing, restaurants, entertainment, etc.)

Aggie Square will be a game-changing partnership that creates and enables the future we envision for the city, the region and the state of California. The opportunity is compelling. The time is now.