Strategic Plan Goal 1

Strategic Plan Goal 1

Provide an educational experience that prepares all of our students to address the needs and challenges of a diverse and changing world.

Education is undergoing rapid and extensive changes across the nation and around the globe. UC Davis must be attentive and nimble in its efforts to ensure that students enjoy an educational experience that is empowering and provides the best possible preparation for their future lives and careers. We must pay close attention to both how we teach and what we teach; and to both how our students learn and how well they learn.


  • Take bold steps to close gaps in academic outcomes for students from underrepresented, first generation and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Apply evidence-based approaches to improvement of learning outcomes
  • Optimize classroom design and capacity for the future
  • Enhance the quality of the student academic experience in the classroom
  • Support student success by providing better tools for administrative management of the curriculum
  • Create a state-of-the-art library and learning center to support student learning
  • Support curricular flexibility and student preparation for future careers
  • Enhance experiential learning
  • Engage all undergraduate students in global learning
  • Develop a strong first-year program for student success
  • Continue to evaluate the possible roles of online education at the undergraduate level 


  • Graduate enrollment and support
    • Determine appropriate enrollment levels
    • Ensure appropriate  diversity in our graduate student population
    • Increase offerings of master’s degrees
    • Develop online master’s degrees
    • Improve graduate student financial support
  • Graduate program organization and course delivery
  • A new home for Graduate Studies and graduate students
  • Support graduate and professional student intercultural and global learning


  • Student academic success, including degree completion and time to degree, for all demographic groups
  • Post-graduation outcomes including career and additional degrees
  • Graduate student enrollment and degrees awarded
  • Student and faculty headcount; student-faculty ratio
  • Status of classrooms: seats available and quality of space
  • Training and career development grants and awards
  • Percentage and diversity of students participating in global education experiences
  • Percentage and diversity of students (undergraduate and graduate) participating in community-based learning before graduation.