Aggie Hero: Edgar Masias-Malagon

Edgar Masias-Malagon on campus (Joe Proudman / UC Davis)

Edgar Masias-Malagon knows the feeling of couch surfing for shelter and relying on food pantries for meals. The 4th year global disease biology major grew up in east Oakland with a family that struggled to make ends meet. But now, not only is he thriving at UC Davis, but he works diligently to help fellow students with their own basic needs as ASUCD External Affairs Vice President.

Through this position, he’s forming the Davis Community Cooperative to help address issues of food insecurity on campus and promote community service and engagement through food drives, toy drives and more. He’s also taken the lead in planning the Students of Color Conference to promote inclusion and coalition building in public education.

“I’ve always had people believe in me,” said Masias-Malagon. “If you have a problem, let me help give you some resources so you can empower yourself and get things done.”