Aggie Hero: Steven Epstein

Steven Epstein

Steven Epstein, the chief of emergency services at the School of Veterinary Medicine, is a hero to both people and animals.

Steven EpsteinThe situation seemed dire as the Camp Fire raged in Butte County during the fall of 2018 and the veterinary hospital faced a massive influx of animals. Yet, Epstein was driven by a profound sense of compassion and professionalism to keep his staff motivated through their marathon-like shifts.

He worked upwards of 90 hours a week, changing the bandages of hurt and scared animals as they were admitted for treatment. He stayed in near constant contact with staff to make sure the animals were receiving the highest care. Through the daily dramas, Epstein kept his colleagues’ morale boosted by sharing photos of these injured animals being reunited with their owners.

His ability to heal and uplift during those trying times were the marks of a hero.