Freedom of Expression Initiative

The right of freedom of expression has in recent years become a critical topic at colleges and universities across the country. UC Davis strongly supports this right as essential to excellence in education and research as well as guaranteed under the United States’ Constitution. And yet, in a time of passionate debate over many fundamental social issues, there is considerable disagreement and misunderstanding about the rationale and proper limitations of free expression on campus.

Through the Freedom of Expression Initiative, a distinguished committee representing administrators, faculty, and students from across the Davis and Sacramento campuses will—through a process of wide consultation and careful deliberation—collaboratively develop recommendations for policies and practices that will best serve all members of our campus community as well as the university’s mission of excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Beginning its work in 2018, the committee will build upon the final report of the earlier Freedom of Expression Working Group (which can be accessed in the Archive of Past Provost-Led Initiatives below).