Roxanne Grijalva

Headshot of Roxanne, dressed in blue with a black sweater

Position Title
Member of the Next Generation Campus Safety Task Force

  • Transfer and Reentry Center

Roxanne Grijalva (she/hers) is the Latinx Staff and Faculty Association Ex-Officio Chair and Advisor at the Transfer and Reentry Center. Roxanne supports students who transferred from a community college or other higher education institution to UC Davis. As a first-generation student and a transfer student, Roxanne is passionate about student retention and ensuring students meet their academic goals. Roxanne is an alumna of California State University, Sacramento, transferring from Woodland Community College as a re-entry student and student parent. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy. Roxanne has experience working in education both in the K-12 education system and in higher education.