To Boldly Go: Community input to the strategic planning process

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To provide written input to the Steering Committee, please identify your university affiliation/location, choose the high-level goal from the dropdown menu that your strategy addresses, and then enter your proposed strategy or strategies into the box below (if your choice for goal is "other", please identify the high-level goal you are addressing). Some sample questions that might be addressed are here.

When you are finished, please press the "Submit Your Strategies" button at the bottom of the page. After that, if you would like to enter strategies for additional goals, please press the "Enter another goal" button to return to a page where you can repeat the process. Please contribute as many strategies as you wish.

In some cases, the committee might wish to follow up on particular submissions. If you are willing to be contacted for clarification or additional input, please provide an email address at which you may be reached. Contributors will not be identified in the final document.

When you have finished entering your ideas in the two boxes above, please press the "Submit Your Strategies" button below. If you want to enter another goal idea after the submission confirmation page loads, use the "Enter another goal idea" button to return to the form page where you can enter your ideas. Please contribute as many as you wish.

Chancellor Gary S. May brainstorms at a white boardThe Steering Committee working with Chancellor May to assemble a strategic plan for the next decade at UC Davis welcomes your input regarding the most important strategies the university should follow to achieve its highest-level goals. The final plan will include:

  • Major goals that encompass our mission
  • High-level strategies that support each of these goals
  • Metrics by which progress for each strategy can be assessed

You are invited to provide input on the strategies you feel are most important to achieve the university's overall goals over the next decade.