A Message to the Campus Community

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A Message to the Campus Community

Dear Campus Community,

Throughout the night, we have been in close communication with the City of Davis Police Department regarding the tragic shooting and killing of police officer Natalie Corona in downtown Davis. Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends and fellow officers.

While details are still unknown, we’ve learned from the Davis Police that the suspect is no longer a threat, and we’ve lifted the shelter-in-place request.

We want to thank the UC Davis police, who have been escorting students to their dorms and from various buildings on campus. We want to thank the campus community for cooperating with the police. We also want to thank the UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and UC San Francisco police, who sent additional officers to work with the UC Davis Police Department to provide a larger presence on the UC Davis campus.

We want to acknowledge that due to an unanticipated glitch in the WarnMe system, some of you did not receive our initial alerts. We corrected that issue as soon as possible.

We will hold classes as scheduled on Friday. Students should contact Student Health and Wellness and staff should contact the Academic and Staff Assistance Program if you need counseling or other support.

We know our community has been alarmed and afraid while tonight’s events unfolded. While we return to our regular schedules on Friday, our thoughts and prayers are with Natalie Corona’s family. Please keep them in your thoughts as well. In times like this, we are truly grateful for the dedication of those in our community who protect us at any cost.


Gary S. May, Chancellor

Joe Farrow, Chief of Police

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