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Staff Experience Survey

Dear UC Davis Campus Staff:

What’s your experience been like working for UC Davis?

On Oct. 12, you will receive an email invitation to complete the campus-wide Staff Experience Survey, where you can confidentially share your experience as a staff member.

Our employees support teaching and research that’s changing the world and your feedback can further improve UC Davis.

The Staff Experience Survey consists of 25 questions that you can complete in less than five minutes and your confidentiality is protected so you can feel comfortable providing honest feedback.

Every time someone completes a survey, $1 is contributed to the Staff Emergency Fund, which UC Davis recently established to support staff in financial need.

On Oct. 12, please open up the emailed survey invitation from UC Davis and Glintand let your voice be heard. We want to know what UC Davis can do to become an even better place to work!

Thanks in advance for participating and sharing your experience working at UC Davis.

Learn more about the Staff Experience Survey at

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