Statement by UC Davis Chancellor May on Shootings in Buffalo

Chancellor May looking pensive

Statement by UC Davis Chancellor May on Shootings in Buffalo

People should be able to go to the grocery store without fear.

Like you, I am sickened by the shootings in Buffalo yesterday (May 14) that targeted the Black community and took the lives of 10 people. The person who committed this crime admitted to being a racist and to advocating white supremacy.

I am beyond anguish. My heart goes out to the Buffalo community and to our community here on campus. I know many of you experience incidents like this the way I do — it feels personal. And it is deeply painful.

Racism, hate and violence should have no place in our country. We must remind ourselves of this repeatedly, because there are too many incidents that try to take us backward instead of forward. Our Principles of Community are there to remind us of how we strive to respect and value our diversity.

UC Davis is home to the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center, which is committed to researching the nature of firearm violence, including individual and social determinants of violence. The center coordinates research that explores the causes of firearm violence and evaluates ways that future firearm-related harm can be prevented. The work of the center is more critical than ever.

For students, if you need immediate mental health support, please call Student Health and Counseling Services at 530-752-0871. Faculty and staff can reach out to the Academic and Staff Assistance Program, which serves the Davis and Sacramento campuses.

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