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Why Aggie Square? And why me?

Faculty Adviser to the Provost for Academic Planning at Aggie Square John Marx makes his case.

Aggie Heroes: Football Players Shine off the field

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On the football field, Kooper Richardson uses all of his 300 pounds and 6-foot-6-inch frame to defend his UC Davis quarterback. On this Saturday after Valentine’s Day, he gently held the hand of a young woman in a sparkling crimson gown as they waited in line to have their portrait taken.

Aggie Heroes: Challah for Hunger

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Walking into the Hillel House kitchen in Davis most Thursdays, your senses are overloaded with smells of bread in the oven, and the sounds of giant oven fans and upbeat music, not to mention the chatter among UC Davis students.

Aggie Hero: Nora Abedelal

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Nora Abedelal’s advice for people looking for meaningful ways to be involved?

“Find different ways to channel what they are passionate about,” said the fourth-year student who is double majoring in socio-cultural anthropology and Middle East/South Asia studies.

Aggie Hero: Sid Ganesh

Sid Ganesh is determined to help people with substance use disorders and to influence the healthcare policies that might prevent drug overdose deaths.

It’s not the career she envisioned for herself.

As a teenager, Ganesh developed a chronic pain condition. Despite numerous trips to doctors, her condition went undiagnosed for three years. At that point, she was unable to get out of bed. It was this personal experience that led her to UC Davis to study the neurobiology of pain.

Aggie Hero: Estefania Sinay Pacheco

Fewer than 3 percent of former foster youth graduate from a four-year college, according to the National Foster Youth Institute. Estefania Sinay Pacheco is defying those odds – and she’s working to help others do the same. (She uses Sinay as her last name.)

When she’s not studying or working, she’s inspiring foster youth, first-generation and undocumented students to succeed.

A Wealth of Opportunities

GSM's Dean Unnava: "We're breaking down silos and looking at ideas more comprehensively"