Aggie Square Updates

Meet the Developer Candidates: Hines

The following response to the Meet the Developer Candidates question came from Hines. 

Through our presence in the Sacramento area, Hines is keenly aware that Aggie Square is not just another project. It means something more — not just to UC Davis but also to the surrounding community and to the regional economy. All are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this catalytic development.

Meet the Developer Candidates

Each developer team participating in the Aggie Square Phase One RFP was asked to provide a written answer to the following question: 

Please describe in a paragraph how you met the Aggie Square goals below in one or more of your projects. 


From Bench to Bedside

October 17, 2019
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Primo Lara explains how Aggie Square’s collaborative approach will help create new tools to fight cancer.

Education in Aggie Square

September 19, 2019
Aggie Square's convergence of University, industry and community will create new opportunities for undergraduate students.