Aggie Square’s Sneak Preview

People touring new Aggie Square space
In August, Aggie Square and IBM staff met for a tour and reception of the new space. Karin Higgins, UC Davis photo

Earlier this month, employees from IBM got together at a reception and tour with UC Davis’ Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement and Aggie Square staff for introductions and friendly conversation. And in a few weeks they will be sharing office space on Stockton Boulevard, where they will also be Aggie Square’s test pilots.

“Launch@AggieSquare” will be at 2270 Stockton Boulevard, just across the street from UC Davis Medical Center.

The IBM staff is part of a collaboration with the university announced in February. Details of that collaboration are forthcoming, but it’s clear this will be more than a simple space-sharing agreement. The IBM specialists coming to Aggie Square have demonstrated expertise in integrating diverse technology systems so they can work together — a critical skill for a project that will bring together people and organizations with varying expertise and experience.

The Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement also focuses on integration, finding connections among UC Davis scholars, researchers and educators that focus on public issues; it then helps them integrate their work with communities on and off campus.

Even the space itself is designed with integration in mind. Launch will feature a flexible demonstration area for faculty, IBM, and others to showcase their latest innovations and collaborative projects. As well, this space can accommodate meetings for local community groups — a feature that many neighborhood leaders have requested.

While construction of Aggie Square Phase 1 won’t begin until 2021, UC Davis is not waiting to demonstrate the power of colocating university, industry and community. Launch@AggieSquare will open this fall. Stay tuned for updates.